Irrigation Services


Signature Landscapes will take a comprehensive approach to your irrigation system. A lot of landscape contractors don’t have the expertise necessary to spot and correct irrigation inefficiencies and problems. Signature Landscapes will address simple, yet costly changes that might have taken place over time or that have resulted from a lack of proper maintenance.

Irrigation Audit: Signature Landscapes will perform a custom irrigation audit to help provide you cost-saving solutions for your watering system. An irrigation audit is the method of inspecting and measuring how effective the sprinklers are working together to apply water within each individual irrigation zone. Improved efficiency will provide:

  • A reduction in water use and cost
  • A more consistent distribution of water with fewer dry spots
  • A smaller amount of water wasted below the root zone
  • Less need for fertilizers and chemicals
  • Less runoff

Irrigation Start-Up: After April showers, get your sprinkler system ready to grow May flowers. Each spring and fall, your irrigation system needs to be checked for changes or damages that can waste money, and result in plant and lawn damage if not addressed correctly.

Spring start-up basically consists of four phases:

  • Safely reintroducing water to each zone
  • Checking winter damage, making repairs as needed, cleaning or replacing nozzles
  • Examining the entire system to ensure all components are operating correctly and providing even coverage
  • Resetting controls

Signature Landscapes can also perform the following:

  • Clock setup and programming
  • Irrigation Sprinkler replacement and modification
  • Sprinkler head updates and adjustments
  • Irrigation line break repairs
  • Irrigation troubleshooting, valve repair or replace
  • Line locating
  • Irrigation shutdown (drain and wrap backflow)
  • Gravity drain ground lines or blow out complete system
  • Irrigation redesign